Testimonials from our Students and Families

In this video, Shorty Academy student John Rhodes and his mother talk about how the Trombone Shorty Foundation’s music and performance education classes have provided opportunity for him (June, 2022)

Real Testimonial shared from one of our Shorty Academy student parents, October 2022

     “As a parent of one of your current students, I felt the need to let you know how appreciative I am of you and your program.    Since my child has been part of your program, he has learned how to play a different genre of music all while learning to play an entirely different instrument.  As if that is not a blessing by itself, he has met, been introduced, and  been taught by legends in the music industry.    But wait!  Because of you, he has also traveled and experienced life as a musician during his tender teenage years.  Although he has learned musicianship with your program, he has also learned how to be a businessman; he has learned the importance of taking pride in his craft as well as knowing how to handle his own finances.  As a parent, I find it encouraging to see you pour back into the rising musicians in a time when the world can be very dark.  With a sincere heart, I just want to say thank you!  Thank you for sowing a seed into our youth! thank you for investing in my child!  Thank you for staying the course!  Most of all, thank you for making a difference!”
Shorty Academy students performing at Sober Fest in New Orleans, November 2022

In the days leading up to Give Nola Day 2021, we shared a series of videos called “Student Reflections.” These are real testimonials taken from our Academy students last year.

There are so many talented and motivated young students in the New Orleans community that are eager to hone their craft and connect with their culture. Experienced and professional teachers, tutors, and mentors support every student in the pursuit of a well-rounded understanding of New Orleans’ musical traditions, experience in music performance, reading, writing, business, production, and the social and academic skills they need to make noise wherever they go – in music and in life. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring!