Pathways to Success

The Foundation’s mission is to transform lives through the power of music, while at the same time preserving and perpetuating our precious and unique musical culture in New Orleans by passing it down to the next generation.

By honoring the New Orleans tradition of “playing it forward” from the earliest jazz legends onward, the foundation seeks to preserve and perpetuate the musical heritage of a city where music is everything. Experienced and professional teachers, tutors, and mentors support every student in the pursuit of a well-rounded understanding of New Orleans’ musical traditions, experience in music performance, reading, writing, business, production, and the social and academic skills they need to make noise wherever they go – in music and in life.

Founded by renowned New Orleans musician Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews in 2013, the Trombone Shorty Foundation is Andrews’ vision of sharing his passion to inspire the next generation by developing their musical talent and connecting them to the city’s unique musical heritage. Frontman of the band Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Andrews credits the support of his own positive role models in the rich New Orleans music community for helping him make his way into the world of music, where he has grown into an internationally recognized, Grammy Award-nominated artist.

There are so many talented and motivated young students in the New Orleans community that are eager to hone their craft and connect with their culture. By giving them opportunities they might not otherwise experience and exposing them to professional musicians as well as music industry leaders, these young lives begin to transform as the possibilities for their futures open up. The Trombone Shorty Foundation offers several programs for opportunity youth in the New Orleans area including the performance based Music Academy, the industry business focused Fredman Music Business Institute, classes and apprenticeship program “Pathways to Careers,” and several other music performance classes taught by local music legends such as Trad Fridays.

Over 90% of our students come from local public schools (very similar environments to what Troy Andrews grew up in and many come from his alma mater, Warren Easton High School).  Like Troy at that age, our students are aiming to continue their musical education, but many young students do not necessarily understand the path forward to achieve that. This is where we at the foundation enter their lives, offering them both a road map and focus to allow them to pursue their passion. We help them nurture their talent in a way that opens up the possibilities, and our goal is to provide a platform for advancement.

Here’s what we’ve been up to… Trombone Shorty Academy students perform “virtually” with instructors as well as Cuban artist and friend Cimafunk!