Shorty Foundation receives grant from Aspen Institute and Hilton Foundation

NEW ORLEANS — October, 2018 — The Trombone Shorty Foundation is proud to announce that they are the recipients of a grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation in partnership with the Aspen Institute.  This “Pathways to Careers” Fund seeks to create, accelerate, and expand innovative career pathways to improve job placement and retention for opportunity youth.

The Pathways to Careers Fund supports employer-connected pathways for the most vulnerable youth in its Demonstration Cities – Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Seattle. The grant bolsters programs that partner with employers to clearly articulate and intentionally link education and training with improved employment outcomes in order to create new knowledge and advance the field’s ability to better serve opportunity youth, generate scalable and sustainable models, and demonstrate business value.

As a recipient of this grant, the Trombone Shorty Foundation will be launching a new Academy program for students who wish to advance their professional opportunities in both music performance and business. This grant has enabled the launch of a “Pathways to Careers” class beginning November 14, that will be lead by New Orleans drumming master Herlin Riley and veteran jazz trumpeter Wendell Brunious. The class will be held bi-weekly at the New Orleans Jazz Museum at 400 Esplanade Avenue. All interested students should email