Trombone Shorty Foundation Apprenticeship FAQ’s

Who is eligible for the program?

The Music Industry Apprenticeship is open to young people ages 16-24 living in the City of New Orleans, who are either disconnected from school or work or enrolled in alternative or non-traditional educational programs.

Where and when does the program take place?

The program will include in-person sessions and independent work. In-person meetings are currently scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4PM – 7PM at our studio location uptown. (additional sessions may be scheduled at other times, such as weekends or other weeknights).

What is the time commitment? 

The apprenticeship includes both training and hands-on work placement. Apprentices spend  approximately 16-weeks in music industry and life skills training preparing to be successful in the music industry. The time commitment for this phase is approximately 10 hours per week. Apprentices then have the opportunity to implement the skills they learned during 12 to 16-weeks of hands-on work placement. The time commitment for work placement is up to 20 hours per week.

Do apprentices get paid?

Yes! Apprentices are paid for both the training and work placement phases of the program at a rate of $20/hour, comparable to the starting wage in the music industry.  

How do I apply?

Applications can be filled out online here. If you need assistance with the application, please contact George Wilde at

What happens after I apply?

Trombone Shorty Foundation will review application submissions and call back some applicants for interviews. If you receive an interview it will be scheduled by email.

What if I don’t have a ride to the program?

We encourage all participants to seek their own transportation in order to participate. However, if transportation is not available, staff will work with apprentices and families to secure transportation.

Do you have to be a musician to participate?

No! Anyone who loves music and wants to work in the music industry is welcome to apply.