The KIT KAT® Brand and Trombone Shorty Foundation Celebrate Black Music Month

June is Black Music Month, a time dedicated to celebrating and honoring the contributions of Black artists and musicians, which represent genres from hip hop to Go-Go– and everything in between. Music is a universal thread that has the power to bring us together. Black music has a deep-rooted history of connecting communities and shaping culture from coast to coast. To highlight the impact Black music has on our society, two Black artists have designed new, limited-edition KIT KAT packages to tell the story of New Orleans and other key cities at the epicenter of Black music!

The Design

“New Orleans and its jazz sound swarm forth in the street with unity and perseverance.” -Mia Saine, illustrator

To celebrate and support Black artists’ and musicians’ contributions to American music and culture, The KIT KAT® Brand has come together with community-based nonprofits across six cities to impact the next generation through supporting programs that focus on youth development, leadership, and education through music. As part of this program, The KIT KAT® Brand is continuing to support future Black musicians and youth through a variety of local nonprofit partners that use music and art to create transformational opportunities for Black youth. These organizations include Memphis Music Initiative, We Are Culture Creators, the Harmony Project, Urban Word, the DC Strings Workshop, and Trombone Shorty Foundation.

Jazz takes to the streets in New Orleans in celebrations and memorials inspired by parade culture and informed by funeral traditions. Watch the New Orleans “Hear it from Here” video to see New Orleans music organization Trombone Shorty Foundation unite with jazz artists Jamison Ross and Branden Lewis. While jazz music’s history is rich, its future is even brighter.

To learn more about how The KIT KAT® Brand is teaming up with community-based nonprofits in other key cities to celebrate Black Music Month, or to view mini-documentary videos that feature rising artists and industry veterans in each city, visit their website.