How Acura Fuels New Orleans Music

As a long-time patron of New Orleans music and culture, Acura will present the 2018 Shorty Fest as our marquee sponsor. Trombone Shorty Foundation is lucky and immensely proud to have partner who celebrates, values and makes it possible for our city’s unique cultural and musical traditions to continue for the next generation. Plus, if you’ve been in an Acura MDX recently, you know how much this brand values premium sound.

Acura’s support is helping us make a year-round impact on the lives of deserving young musicians who may not otherwise have access to instruments, instructors or space to hone their craft. This music matters, and as sponsors of Jazz Fest’s iconic main stage for nearly two decades years, Acura knows this well. Of course we’re all fans of the vehicles (luxurious lines, premium handling, and again – that award winning sound system), but what’s equally as memorable is who they choose to be as culture makers, change agents and patrons of the real arts.

Check this behind the scenes video with Troy, Trombone Shorty Foundation students and instructors filmed and produced by our friends at Acura: